Whether in politics, business or science – partners can make a decisive contribution to your successful market entry or a profitable market expansion in China.

This is what the city of Herne, the Middle Ruhr Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bochum University of Applied Sciences stand for. All three organizations combine their respective strengths for your benefit. They are supported by their respective networks.

Middle Ruhr Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Middle Ruhr Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the interests of around 30,000 companies within the Middle Ruhr Area: That means not only supporting companies in important foreign trade activities and issues, but also learning from the companies’ experiences, innovations and networks. There are not a few companies in the region that are already successfully operating in the Chinese market and would like to increase their market shares in China.


The city of Herne has had a Chinese twin city since 2019: Luzhou in the Sichuan province. The first letters of intent between the Herne company and the city of Luzhou have already been signed. This not only pursues business objectives: in the long term, the city of Herne, through the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, is also promoting the integration of the business location Herne with the greater Chengdu-Chongqing area as the region with the strongest economic growth in China. There are corresponding potentials that can only be used successfully, especially for medium-sized companies, with the appropriate political support.

Hochschule Bochum

As a university for applied sciences, technical and social innovations are developed at Bochum University. This is done in an application-oriented manner and in close interaction with the regional economy. The areas of automation, digitization, internationalization and sustainable development provide important impulses for development in business and society. With the Ruhrvalley in Herne there is a strong cooperation with two further Universities of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen in the fields of smart mobility and renewable energies.  The Bochum University of Applied Sciences cooperates closely with the Sino-German University of Applied Sciences in Shanghai.

Our commitment is supported by Chinese partners, including:

The Chinese Industry Association CFIE in Beijing:

He represents around 170 industrial sub-associations across China and accompanies industrialization and the service sector in China as an innovative idea developer. It also acts as a think tank in international terms and promotes international cooperation through future-oriented studies and international cooperation projects.

The company Innobanx mbH in Düsseldorf

The young company supports the China Center of Competence in the Middle Ruhr Area, especially in entering and expanding the market in China. The company brings valuable industry knowledge and contacts in the areas of digitization and healthcare to the table.

The representative office of the Sichuan province in Europe, based in Düsseldorf

The office not only has detailed knowledge of the twin city of Luzhou, but also excellent relationships with the Sichuan Province: important economic developments in the entire Chengdu-Chongqing area can thus provide an important first-hand contribution to market entry.